Photos from Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2014

Here are a few of the production shots of our London performance as part of Tête à Tête. All photos taken by Claire Shovelton.

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A really big thanks goes to the whole team at Tête à Tête and Kings Place, who looked after us exceedingly well. It was a great experience, and a big success. So thank you to you all.We all had a ball! Here’s to next year!


Performance Spare – Mo.e

This is the space we are going to be performing in for our Vienna three-day run. It’s a disused factory, which is now being used as a contemporary art and culture venue. Check out their website here :

I’m really looking forward to getting in there. It’s a big old room, with lots of character, a bit grimey (which suits the piece) and surprisingly good acoustics! I think once we’re in there, with lights, and full walls of projections, it’s gonna look the part. Totally atmospheric.

For more info on the show, click here

To reserve tickets for Vienna, email:


Day 7 – music and movement

Yesterday we had the first rehearsal with musicians and actor. At the start I wanted to just experiment with sound and movement, so I got the musicians to play, and Werner to move around the space in various different ways/walks/runs. The space was a bit small, as we were in an alternative rehearsal room (actually a cellar!) as it had a grand piano.

Anyway, check out the link below for a short video of what we got up to.

Later we were joined by our live electronics and piano players, so the sound developed and became denser and bigger. Just the way I like it.